Air Conditioning Problem Signs

Central AC is the most common upgrade. This installation is becoming extremely popular as most homes don't have AC, so we are able to come and add AC to your existing HVAC system to allow your HVAC system to perfectly cool and heat your home. You may also have an older inefficient AC, in which case we are able to replace this with a new highly efficient AC unit. Our installers are also HVAC certified which means they can assess, repair, and reinvigorate your existing central heating system to work with your new air conditioning unit. Installation is relatively quick and easy. Some homes come "roughed in" which makes the installation even easier and more cost-effective.

Here are some common signs that might indicate that your AC is about to fail or needs maintenance.

  • Your air conditioner is making strange noises or is abnormally loud while operating
  • Your air conditioner requires refrigerant top ups which could be a sign of a leak
  • Your energy bills keep going up while your system’s performance keeps going down
  • Your system has trouble blowing cold air or no longer blows cold air at all
  • Your air conditioner can't maintain a consistent temperature throughout the house
  If you are interested in adding AC to your home we will have a home comfort advisor come to you and complete a free home assessment and then provide a free no-obligation quote so that you know your options.

AC Repair & Replacement in Langley

The older your air conditioner gets, the more it is likely to struggle to keep up with the cooling needs of your home, resulting in cycling problems and increasingly high energy bills for you. On top of that, if you are paying for air conditioning repairs all the time to fix your system, it may be more cost-efficient just to replace it altogether.

Our AC pros come to your home to determine precisely which air conditioner will work best for you. We’ll always work with you to consider your budget, preferences, and other factors important for you and your home’s comfort.

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