When something goes wrong around the house, the instinct for many homeowners is to take matters into their own hands. It’s simply unaffordable to pick up the phone every time something isn’t working properly, and many things can be fixed DIY (do-it-yourself) style.

Thanks to YouTube and other platforms, it’s become easier for every day people to complete projects they otherwise wouldn’t have the know-how for. The problem with plumbing, electrical and HVAC is that there’s little room for trial and error or learning on the fly. Mistakes will happen, and they will be costly.

It’s understandable that home owners try to save a few bucks here and there – we all do. But your plumbing system is not a great place to start. Aside from being ill-equipped in both equipment and experience, homeowners are exposing themselves to a huge personal and financial risk by taking up the tools themselves.

Here are just a few reasons you shouldn’t risk doing your own plumbing:

Flooding Your Home

When thinking about plumbing accidents, flooding is the direst scenario. The fear of wading through water in your own home after a faulty repair job should be enough to make the most ambitious DIYers back down.

Flooding can be caused by a variety of mistakes. Most commonly, homeowners neglect to turn the water off before going in with the tools. While it may seem like an obvious step, it’s easy to make simple mistakes without years of training and experience.

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An Improper Repair Job

sink being repaired

Improperly repairing the plumbing in your home is a great way to cause an expensive catastrophe. If you ever find yourself yanking on a valve with all your strength or banging on anything with a wrench, you’re probable halfway there.

After a bad DIY repair job, the problem may appear fixed. Maybe the drip has stopped or the leak has been patched up, but that doesn’t mean everything is fine again. In all likelihood, you’ve done further damage to your system unknowingly. This kind of mistake could cost you big time down the road.

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Causing a Serious Accident

By taking a stab at fixing your own plumbing, you may be set to save a few bucks, but you’re also exposing yourself and your family to the potential of a serious accident. Worse than a flood or a faulty repair job, the chance of a serious, life-threatening accident is by far the biggest risk of fixing your own plumbing.

While your plumbing system may seem safe, there are other factors to consider when doing repairs – especially when it comes to your dishwasher, water heater and washer. These and other appliances rely on electricity or gas for power. If you don’t know what you’re doing, attempting to fix your own plumbing could result in a gas leak or electric shock – both of which could be catastrophic.

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Lack of Warranty

In the plumbing business, accidents to happen on occasion. In the unfortunate event of a flood, leak, or electrical accident, there can be large costs associated with repair and cleanup. In these rare cases, the homeowner can rest easy knowing there’s full warranty and insurance covering the costs.

But when you attempt to fix your own plumbing, you throw that safety out the window. Instead, you’ll be settled with the repair bill in full when you cause significant damage, spring a leak, or worse. On top of that, DIY plumbing repairs are far more likely too cause accidents than hired professionals.

In the event of an accident, you’ll end up paying painfully more than what it would’ve costed you to hire a qualified technician the first time around. Before you get started on that DIY repair, reach out to HSG for a free estimate.

Violating Plumbing Codes

Another overlooked aspect of DIY plumbing repair is the building code – the code that you will almost inevitably violate. Plumbing code is in place to ensure your home functions properly and safely. Despite your best efforts and intentions, without training and experience it will be tricky to stay up to a code that’s always changing.

By accidentally violating plumbing codes in your home, you’re putting yourself and your home at risk. Plus, if it ever comes time to sell your home, there could be questions that come up.

By hiring an expert to handle your plumbing, you can rest easy knowing qualified technicians are 100% up to code. Call HSG to get a free estimate for your plumbing repair.

Large Repair Bills

costs adding up

The risks of doing your own plumbing can be summarized nicely as one theme – cost. Everything that could go wrong during a DIY plumbing repair will by costly. After it’s all said and done, the price of a leak, electrical accident, flood, or improper repair job will all outweigh the price of hiring a certified and experienced plumbing technician.

Avoid the unnecessary risks, accidents and costs. Get in touch with Hudson Service Group today for a free plumbing estimate, and get the job done right the first time.